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BW Signature Immunity Booster

BW Signature Immunity Booster

From 15th June – 15th September 2020

There are many ways to strengthen your immune system. At this critical time, it’s important to ensure your body is in peak condition.

Here are some tips to improve your overall health and immune.

1. Get enough rest 🌜
2. Eat more whole plant foods πŸ₯¦
3. Eat more healthy fats πŸ₯‘
4. Take probiotic supplements πŸ’Š
5. Limit your sugar intake ❌🍬🍫
6. Engage in moderate exercise ⚽ πŸ€
7. Stay hydrated πŸ’§
8. Manage your stress levels πŸ”₯
9. Take supplements πŸ’Š

🧑 Give your immune system a LIFT with BW Signature Immunity Booster. Our vitamin booster takes seconds to administer and has a high absorption rate with lasting effects. No matter what your wellness goals are, our vitamin injection will help you on your journey to better well-being. 🧑

Terms & Conditions

  • Validity period from 15th June – 15th September 2020.
  • Full payment must be made to secure the promotion price.
  • Treatment is non-transferable & non-refundable, no exceptions.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions, packages, discounts and vouchers.
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