Are you like many Malaysians who want stronger, thicker, and more attractive hair without surgery? Do you want to restore your hair’s former glory, back when it was luscious and thick, and not dull and thinning like what it is now?

Our hair loss treatment here at Beverly Wilshire Clinic is a non-surgical procedure for thinning hair that can help thicken and improve the quality of thin, lifeless hair.


What Is Hair Loss Mesotherapy?


Hair loss mesotherapy is a procedure that triggers the body’s natural healing processes. It’s a way to treat various skin and scalp problems by injecting accurate dosages of hair loss solutions into the affected region.

Hair changes are caused by long-term exposure to harsh environmental elements, smoking, stress, sun radiation, and medications. Mesotherapy is a vital component of an anti-aging treatment since it can slow down the signs of aging and skin and scalp damage.

Mesotherapy for hair loss involves superficial vitamins injection into the scalp to promote growth and prevent hair loss (mainly vitamins, nutritive substances, and anti-inflammatory medicines). The treatments are chosen individually to meet the needs of the patient.


Types of Hair Loss


There are many different forms of hair loss, which can be frustrating for those just seeking for a cure. Hair loss occurs when you see thinning patches or new bald spots on your scalp that weren’t previously there. There are numerous causes of this, including hormone imbalances, severe stress, genetics, and pregnancy.


The following are some examples of common hair loss:


  • Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia often called pattern baldness, is due to genetic causes. The word “androgenetic” indicates an increase in androgen hormone production, which can lead to weaker hair follicles and thinning around the temples and top of the head, resulting in a receding hairline.

  • Alopecia Traction

Tight hairstyles like ponytails, buns, or braids often cause traction alopecia. Pulling on the hair causes damaged hair follicles and hair breakdown over time.


What is the Procedure for Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is the direct injection of minerals (Iodine, Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, Iron), vitamins, amino acids, keratin-based solutions, and surface expanders into the scalp to promote hair development and growth.

Mesotherapy is an excellent hair and scalp treatment. It’s one of the most used treatments in modern cosmetic treatments for a variety of hair issues.

This treatment can help with numerous issues, including nourishing hair follicles, activating dormant hair bulbs, and removing dandruff. Mesotherapy is a hair treatment that should only be performed by a trained professional.

Microinjections help administer hair treatment solutions containing nutrients and vitamins essential for hair health and development.


Who is Hair Mesotherapy for?


Scalp mesotherapy is especially advised for people experiencing alopecia or hair loss. Hair loss is a common condition that both sexes face. Women see the first indications of baldness far sooner than men do, and they are more likely to seek treatment. In the case of women, treatment effectiveness is acceptable, although it might take many months to achieve satisfactory outcomes.


Scalp mesotherapy can also be used as a preventative measure.


What Does The Treatment Involve?


Scalp mesotherapy has several advantages, including reduced hair loss, improved hair quality, and in rare cases, new hair growth. It involves injecting substances into the scalp that encourages the growth of hair and prevent hair loss (mainly vitamins, anti-inflammatory drugs, Platelet Rich Plasma, or nourishing substances).


A little amount of our hair loss treatment is directly injected into the scalp during the procedure. The mesotherapy formula is sent straight to the follicles, unlike oral drugs, which must travel through the digestive system before being absorbed into the circulation. This procedure multiplies the formula’s effects and could produce better outcomes than topical or oral treatments alone.


The following are some of the major advantages of mesotherapy for minimizing hair fall and loss:

  • Direct Delivery To The Dermis Layer

Mesotherapy, also known as micro-needling, is a new delivery technology that allows for a direct physical passage deeper into the dermis skin layer. Active compounds may now be administered to the dermis with greater accuracy and efficiency, leading to improved results.

  • Stimulates Hair Follicles

Each strand of hair is linked to a hair follicle, which is a component of the skin. A sebaceous gland is found in each follicle and is crucial for keeping the scalp nourished and moisturized by secreting natural oils your body generates.

  • Enhance Scalp Immunity

Mesotherapy can provide scalp rejuvenation and boost hair regrowth, and repair hair follicles. Compared to the skin in other parts of the body, the scalp is basically layers of skin with more growth factors and keratinocytes that help form thicker, longer, and fuller hair on the head.

  • Reduce scalp inflammation

Mesotherapy significantly lowers the likelihood of inflammation in the scalp by enhancing the scalp therapeutically and keeping a healthy environment for hair to grow.

  • Restore Normal Ph Levels

Grime, oil, and dirt could block your hair follicles, causing abnormal pH levels. This unevenness can have a significant impact on the skin’s ability to protect your skin from harsh environmental factors.

Regular scalp exfoliation, similar to a facial routine, can help to restore pH levels and promote a healthier, smoother scalp. Mesotherapy can help with this because of the performative aspect of the treatment, which exfoliates your scalp thoroughly.

Men and women of various ages can benefit from micro-needling or mesotherapy to remedy hair thinning or loss. Mesotherapy is an excellent treatment that could offer you healthier-looking hair in no time as a less invasive solution to enhance hair regeneration and fix your hair problems.


Price of Hair Loss Treatment


The cost of hair loss treatment is around RM500 to RM2,500 which is based on the number of sessions, type of hair loss treatment and the severity of hair loss.


Hair Loss Treatment  FAQ

  • What can I expect from the treatment?

Expect growth of new hair along your current hairline, as well as increased hair health, texture, and density.

  • Man Or Woman – Who Is A Better Candidate For This Therapy?

It has the same impact on women and men alike.

  • Is It Painful?

Some patients feel mild discomfort during the procedure, but we can use a topical anesthesia or numbing gel one hour before the treatment for those sensitive to discomfort.

  • How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Mesotherapy is a lunchtime treatment that takes little more than 30 to 60 minutes and lets you return to work immediately following the procedure.

  • Can I Wash My Hair After The Treatment, And After How Much Time?

After 24 hours of the treatment, you may wash your hair using your regular shampoo.

  • How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

A minimum of four sessions are required. Combining treatments such as stem cell serum, platelet-rich plasma, and anti-hair loss solutions can offer satisfactory results.


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