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NK Cell Therapy

Get To Know Our Natural Immune System

As we age, it is natural that the number of immune cells in our body decreases. Sometimes it decreases to the extent that it compromises our body’s ability to fight off infections, viruses and tumors. This is the reason why as we age, we tend to get sick more frequently and it takes a much longer time to recover.

Our immune system is essential for our survival. Without a strong immune system, our body will be open to attacks from bacteria, viruses, parasites and more. It is our immune system that keeps us healthy and alive.

The natural immune system is a defense system which comprises of many biological structures and processes that protect you against bacterial, viral infections and both malignant (Cancer) and non-malignant cells.

Our immune system works by distinguishing our own healthy cells from foreign, dead and faulty cells, they are then identified, destroyed and cleared away.

The main elements of our immune system are the Natural Killer (NK) Cells, T Cells and B Cells. These 3-types of cells are the body’s crucial First Line of Defence against both internal and external biological threats.

How does the Natural Killer Cells function?

The Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) have the unique ability to differentiate between normal and abnormal cells. They also possess the natural ability to rapidly and effectively mount an immediate immune response to seek, destroy and eliminate abnormal/foreign cells without prior sensitization, which is why they are known as “Natural killer” cells.

Through a more specific path for personalized medicine, the use of Natural Killer Cells are reputed to have the following effects:

  • Protects one’s immune system against foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Strengthens the body’s own natural capacity to fight infection and diseases, by targeting only the harmful cells while recognizing and avoiding the healthy cells.
  • Detects and destroys infected or foreign cells in the body.
  • Regulating and monitoring the immune system.
  • Detects and destroys tumors (cancer).
What is the NK Cell Therapy Process in Malaysia?

The NK Cell Therapy is the fastest and most effective way to boost our immune system. The main focus of this therapy is to provide a direct and effective approach to strengthening our immune system by increasing the number of Natural Killer Cells in our body. This can be achieved by either using our own NK cells (Autologous) obtained from our blood or by using NK cells harvested from the cord blood of a newborn (Allogenic), then culturing the cells in a controlled, sterile laboratory environment.

Using your own NK cells (Autologous),

i. The therapy is performed by carefully screened panel of certified doctors, specialists and medical centers.

ii. Pre-therapy medical screening and consultation by a medical doctor is recommended to ensure that you are suitable to received the therapy which includes:

  • Medical check up
  • Blood test

iii. Upon establishing suitability, the medical doctors will schedule a personalized cell therapy session. The process is very simple and safe.

iv. The NK cells are delivered in a saline bag and injected intravenously by a medical doctor. Other than some minor pain at the injection site, the patient should not experience any other discomfort.

Our NK Cell Therapy & World Class Good Manufacturing Practice

Our state-of-the-art laboratory manned by our team of highly skilled and trained laboratory scientists is one of the few laboratories in Malaysia to be certified cGMP (PIC/S) by the NPRA (BPFK), a division of the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Our laboratory is certified to be in compliance with the Guidelines of ISO 14644-1:2015(E) and National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEEB).

Our NK Cells Production Process

A blood collection kit (including a collection bag with anti-coagulant and needles) will be provided. Once the blood sample is drawn, the blood sample is immediately prepared for transportation to our GMP laboratory.

At our GMP laboratory, the blood sample is processed for the isolation of NK cells. The isolated NK cells are then expanded to the required number of cells (within Cleanroom Class A environment). This process approximately takes 18 to 21 days. After expansion of the isolated NK cells, the cells are cryopreserved in a vial and stored within a -190°C environment.

On the day of therapy, the cells are thawed and injected into a 100ml saline bag and delivered to the doctor for infusion.

Our Quality Control & Quality Assurance System

To ensure the highest levels of purity, quality and safety of our NK cells, we practice a very stringent quality assurance protocol which involves conducting multiple tests to check for the presence of any bacteria, mycoplasma, fungus and endotoxin. Only cells that pass the quality check will be used for therapeutic purpose.



Where is it derived from?

Depending on your preference, the NK cells can be sourced from your own blood (Autologous) or from the cord blood of a newborn (Allogenic). To ensure that our NK cells are of the highest quality, all blood samples are carefully screened before use.


How soon will I see results?

NK cells can improve your quality of life and reestablishes your health condition by boosting your natural immune system. The initial result can be effective as soon as 24 hours.

How long will the effect last?

The effectiveness varies depending on the overall health and condition of the individual. Generally, NK cells are given as a “immunity booster shot” to repopulate your “aging” immune cells and facilitates in restoring and strengthening your immune system against infection and diseases.


How safe is NK and what are the possible side effects?

NK cell infusion is extremely safe and there are no known serious side effects.

Does NK therapy cause cancer?

No, NK cells are not known to cause cancer. As a matter of fact, NK cells are frequently used as part of cancer therapy.


Who should consider NK therapy?

Anyone who has general low immunity and slow recovery from illness. Individuals with a family history of chronic disease, hormonal imbalance, age-related conditions and cancer patients (depending on suitability) can also consider.

How do I know if the cells given to me is NK?

The quality of the NK cells will be checked under our stringent quality control procedures, which involves testing cell purity to ensure that all our products are of the highest standard. All our products are accompanied with a Quality Assurance Certificate.


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