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Cheek Fillers Malaysia: Types, Costs & Procedures

cheek fillers

When it comes to beauty treatments, there is always something new to try. The latest trend is cheek filler, which promises to give you a youthful appearance with minimal effort. Unlike other facial injectables, cheek filler is designed specifically to add volume to the cheeks. This can help create a more defined jawline and alleviate the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin. If you’re considering cheek filler, here’s what you need to know.


Introduction: what are cheek fillers?

Cheek fillers are known as volumizing injectables, which are a type of filler that adds volume to a specific area of the face. Cheek fillers work by increasing the volume of the fat, skin, and tissue in the cheeks while also filling in wrinkles and sagging skin. This can help create a more defined jawline, which is the main goal of cheek fillers. Cheek fillers are also known as injectable butt cheeks or volume-filling cheek lifts.


Types of cheek fillers

The type of cheek filler you choose will depend on what you want to achieve. There are several different types of cheek fillers, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fat transfer. Here s what they do:


  • Collagen fillers

This type of cheek filler is made from bovine collagen, which is a substance found in skin and connective tissue. It works by adding volume to the cheeks, which can help smooth wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and re-contour the jawline. Collagen fillers are often used in combination with other cheek fillers to achieve a more natural look. They can also be used on their own. 


  • Hyaluronic acid fillers

This type of cheek filler is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a substance found in the body. It works by adding volume to the cheeks, which can help smooth wrinkles and re-contour the jawline. Hyaluronic acid fillers are often used in combination with other cheek fillers to achieve a more natural look. They can also be used on their own.


  • Fat grafting

This treatment involves taking fat tissue from one area of the body and injecting it into a different area, where it is needed. The goal is to make the face look more youthful and symmetrical, as well as to smooth wrinkles. The procedure is similar to liposuction, but the doctor takes fat from another area of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen. The fat is then injected into the cheeks.


How long do cheek fillers last?

Cheek fillers usually last for between six and 24 months. The results are subtle and natural-looking, which is one reason why the popularity of cheek fillers has been increasing in recent years.


The procedure: What to expect?

The cheek filler procedure takes about an hour. First, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area. Depending on the type of filler used, your doctor may make a small incision in the skin or use ultrasound to break up and disperse the fat cells. During the procedure, you will be able to watch the progress in a mirror.  You will feel some pain and pressure but it should not be too painful. After the filler is injected into the cheek area, your doctor will massage the area to make sure that it is evenly distributed. You should feel no pain during this process and will be able to see the results immediately.  After the filler is injected, you may notice some swelling in the area for about 24 hours. This can easily be covered with makeup or sunscreen until it subsides.


Cheek Fillers Costs In Malaysia 


The price in Malaysia usually ranges RM 1200 to RM 2400. 


Recovery and side effects

After the procedure, your doctor will give you a gel sheet to apply to the area. This will help reduce swelling and bruising as well as keep the filler in place. Your doctor will also recommend that you gently massage the area for about five minutes every day. You should not be completely recovered from this procedure for about two to three weeks. You may experience some mild pain, swelling, or bruising in the area during this time.  There are no other side effects associated with injectable fillers.



If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile, a cheek filler may be a great option for you. With minimal downtime and minimal side effects, this procedure can help you achieve a healthy-looking appearance in no time. Schedule a free consultation with our doctors for a safe and natural-looking result today at Beverly Wilshire Aesthetic Clinic PJ, 3 Damansara Mall.  

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